Housing and short history

Action for Wildlife is homed at new settlements at Delta of Axios, 9km of Thessaloniki - Athens.

Following is a short chronicle of the group’s housing adventure.

1990 : Wild animals are treated in volunteers’ houses. First attempts for organised wildlife treatment in a warehouse in Kalohori.

1998 : Organised wildlife treatment as EKPAZ’s first aid station in Thessaloniki in a rented ground floor flat in Ampelokipi.

2000 : Moved to another rented flat in Ampelokipi.

2008 : The Prefecture shuts down the station in Ampoelokipi and wildlife treatment is carried out in volunteers’ houses. This takes a toll on individuals (personal time and money) and on the group (hypofunction of the group), but above all on wildlife treatment.

2009 : Founding of the organisation «Action for Wildlife». Wildlife treatment continues to be carried out in volunteers’ houses but simultaneously efforts to find a roof are intensifying. The state is indifferent with the exception of a few environment-conscious employees.

2010 : «Action for Wildlife» finds a roof in Mikropolis where other groups with shared ideas and activities are active. The group is growing in numbers and participating in many actions.

2014 : The Municipality of Delta builds a place suitable for wildlife treatment and rehabilitation in Kalohori which is granted to «Action for Wildlife». Unfortunately, heavy rainfalls have rendered the place temporarily inaccessible.

2015: Temporarily we settle at Social Centre / Immigrants Palce at 23 Ermou street.

December 2015: We move to new settlements at Delta of Axios, 9km Thessaloniki - Athens, next to Kalochori. Therefore, you may bring there any injured animals you find.

Members of Council of Action for Wildlife:

Kalpakis Stavros, President, 6979 914852, skalpakis (at) hotmail.com
Prousali Sophia, Vice-president
Chatziarpis Kostas, Secretary
Kleidaki Chrisoula, Cashier

Emmanouilidis Vasilis, Member
Karampatzakis Kouritas Anastasios, Member
Praxitelous Anastasia, Member

About us

We are a group of people dedicated to the care and treatment of wild animals.  We take care of sick, exhausted, or injured wild animals found by our fellow citizens in Thessaloniki or elsewhere in Northern Greece. The animals receive first aid and, if it is necessary, they are sent to the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital (HWH) in Aegina. If and when they are fit for release, we release them in the wild.

We are all volunteers. We have been involved in the care and treatment of wild animals for approximately 20 years. Anyone willing to contribute to the Greek wildlife can participate in our group. Veterinary knowledge is not a prerequisite, however you should be enthusiastic, responsible, and respect animals.

We have many expenses and our sole financial support is our subscription fees. Our work is daily and often arduous. However, our unity of purpose and our sense of togetherness help us remain active in the protection of wildlife.



Medicine/medical support

You can find those in a pharmacy:

  • Fucidin ointment
  • Sylfio cream (silver sulfadiazine)
  • Sterilium antibacterial solution
  • Hibitane scrub
  • Sterilized gauzes
  • Leucopor
  • Syringes 0,5ml, 1ml,2,5ml,5ml,10ml,20ml,60ml
  • Needles (without syringes 24g and 21g)
  • Insoulin syringes
  • Fluid administration devices
  • Fluid solutions (Normal Saline, Lactated Ringer’s, Dextrose 5%)
  • Latex gloves (single-use)

You can find the following only in veterinary shops

  • Elastic bandages (e.g vet flex 7,5 cm and 5cm)
  • Abocath 21g,24g,18g
  • Absorbable sutures 2/0 and 3/0 with needle
  • Oesophageal tubes for force-feeding (size 18 CH)



  • Chicken
  • Fish (preferrably small fish)
  • Kittens’ development dry food
  • Rice flour
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Oat meal
  • Seeds for canaries

What is an adoption

Action for Wildlife runs a scheme of iconic adoptions. This enables you to help towards the cost of looking after the animals in our hospital. Your contribution will go towards the special food and medication that the patient needs till it's rehabilitation.

By adopting an animal through our scheme you are helping in a very efficient way towards the care not only of your chosen animal, but the care of all the patients who need our support throughout the year. Action for Wildlife is financially supported only but the membership fees and contributions of volunteers.

Adoption can be taken either by a single person or a team of people, eg a group of students.

You will receive a Certificate of Adoption with the animal's photograph and will be updated regularly with the progress the animal is making.

If the animal recovers and is ready to return back into the wild we will inform you in order to attend the special moment. You might not be able to participate or meet the animal you have adopted but your contribution is vital for his survival and rehabilitation.

Animal adoptions are 50€ and can cover the cost of food and medical treatment needed for a whole year. We will then write to you at the end of the year, offering you the opportunity to renew your adoption, or to take out a brand new adoption.

Don’t forget you can adopt for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Adoption of a sick animal can help children become more sensitive towards wildlife and more willing to protect it in the future.


How you can adopt an animal

  •  Send us an email (at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your details (name telephone number, email address) and the animal you would like to adopt
  • Make a payment on the bank account or send us a cheque by post
  • Inform us with regards the payment, either by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or with a phone call (0030 6979914852).

Once payment is received we will send you a receipt.


Bank account / Pireus Bank :

Acount number: 5211049919564
ΙΒΑΝ: GR55 0172 2110 0052 1104 9919 564

Cheque by post:

Action for Wildlife
1 Anastasiou Naltsa,
Thessaloniki, 54655,

Animals available for adoption

Animals that have been adopted

Φλαμίγκο The 17th Kindergarten of Euosmos adopted a Flamigo found injured at Eukarpia of Thessaloniki on January 8, 2016.
Μαυροκέφαλος Γλάρος Mrs Ioanna B. adopted a (Blackhead) Seagull found at Prinos of Thasos on January 13, 2016.
Σκαντζόχοιρος Institute of foreign languages "Lexicon Mpotsari" adopted a Hedgehog found at Neo Rysio of Thessaloniki (code:1414/2015).
Αγριόγατα Mr Panagiotis A. and Mrs Despoina M. adopted a Wild Cat found at Eptalofos of Kilkis (code: 447/2015).
Νανόμπουφος Mrs Sofia D. adopted a  Long-eared Owl found at Agios Mamas of Chalikidiki (code:215/2015).
Γερακίνα Mrs Vasiliki P. adopted a Buzzard found at Neos Marmaras of Chalkidiki (code: 28/2015).


Financial support



Support Action


Donate via Paypal



Deposit to a bank account


Pireaus bank: 5211049919564:

ΙΒΑΝ: GR55 0172 2110 0052 1104 9919 564


By Postal Cheque

Send us a Postal cheque of the Hellenic Post Office to the following address:

Action for Wildlife
Anastasiou Naltsa 1, Thessaloniki, Postal code 54655, Greece


Become members of our organization

Make your enrollment and pay your annual (συνδρομή) assistance

30 Euro/year (+10 for first enrollment)

To become members:

  1. Deposit to our bank account the amount of 30 Euro (or 40,if you enroll for the first time)
  2. Notify us for your deposit in one of the following ways:


  • By phone, phone number:+306979914852
  • By post, sending the receipt to the address: DRASI GIA TIN AGRIA ZOI (Action for the Wildlife), Anastasiou Naltsa 1 Str., Thessaloniki, P.C 54655, Greece
  • By e-mail, to the address mail at drasi-agriazoi.gr,

        Giving us in the same time the following data:

Data Personal Data
First Name  
Last Name  
Year of Birth  
(Street Number, Postal Code, City, Country)
Telephone Number  
Mobile Tel Number  

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