First days of September, and hot days are still here.
What better than walking at the breeze of the mountain, and a dive in the icy waters of a river? The meeting point was at 15.30 at Micropolis. We left first for Agathoupoli in Pieria. In this very important wetland, we set free four small turtles, a eurasian collared dove, and a hesitant little stork, which, after long thoughts, shook the boredom off its wings, and started a slow, carefree flight over our heads, free as well...

We saved the best for last: Mount Olympos, Enipeas river, and a European honey Buzzard ready to “take off”. What a funny bird he is... Most of its food consists from insects, and mainly from wasps! Well done!

He was sent to our first aid station exhausted and not capable to fly. A bird born in this year, which, during immigration faced probably from lack of experience a severe survival problem. It needed special treatment from us, and after discussion with scientific specialists we decided to give him another chance to start his immigration journey rehabilitating him to one of the most adequate ecosystems for this species in our country, mount Olympos. At first he did not do so well, but in the end he did it!. What is left to do, is start the journey to Africa, and protect himself from the difficulties he will find on his way.