Today, the day of the vote on the anti-environmental bill in the Parliament, the Action for Wildlife participates in the protest and responds with a symbolic and substantial act.

We publish the releases of three wild animals that took place in the last month. These animals, and not only, have managed to find their strength and re-integrate into nature after a long time and for each of them a very demanding period of their care. They do not know what awaits them in the nature they return to, our duty to protect the home of all of us in every way ...

Hawk (Accipiter nisus) is reinstated on April 11, 2020 near the area where he was found. The Hawk has got a tied fracture in one of his wings.

The bird is released by Ben, who came to our country in recent months from France, to participate in the Wildlife Action Volunteer through the European Volunteer Service program.



After a two-month stay and treatment at the Wildlife Action Center, a tawny owl returned to the area where he was found, outside Grevena, near the Venetian River. In the place where he lived before he was injured.


 It took three weeks for the Short-toed (Snake) Eagle that was found exhausted in Angelochori, Thessaloniki, to fully recover. He has fully regained his strength and is now ready to continue his journey to a place unknown to us. Before the release we placed a special metal ring, maybe one day we will have news of it!