31 organizations unite their voice for the protection of the natural environment.
On the occasion of the World Environment Day, on June 5, 2021, thirty one (31) organizations with recognized work in the protection of the natural environment in Greece, co-signed a joint text. It is the first time that such a large number of organizations set a common framework for the old and new threats against wildlife in our country.

Following is the common press release and an album with photos from the activities of the organizations ...

Around 2000 animals are brought to our facilities each year, 40 of which are usually hedgehogs.   Hedgehogs have very specific needs and frequently require a long period of care and rehabilitation, since they are usually badly injured by cars. Many of them stay in our facilities for months, until they are considered ready to be released into the wild. 

Hedgehogs are often found in forests, rural areas and shrublands. However, many are brought to us from the centre of Thessaloniki as well. They are often injured by dogs or other animals or have been hit by cars, since the spines that offer them protection cannot save them from the cars’ wheels. As a result, many hedgehogs are killed each year on our country’s roads. Moreover, they are among the most common victims of forest fires, because they cannot run very fast. In wintertime, they go into hibernation by lowering their body temperature, since it is hard for them to find worms, insects and snails, which are their main diet. 

Creating the right shelter for the rehabilitation of hedgehogs is extremely important for the following reasons: (a) to improve the living conditions of hedgehogs at our centre, (b) to help them return to the wild more quickly and (c) to increase their chances of survival after their release. 

With your valuable help, we are hoping to build an enclosure for their gradual release back into their natural habitat.

A LONG WAY TO RELEASE | Charity Crowdfunding Page with GoGetFunding

Ellie from Great Britain came to Greece several months ago to volunteer for the Wildlife Action project. In the difficult conditions due to coronavirus, her help in the care of wild animals was invaluable. After the time had passed and she had to go back, she decided that it would be much more useful to stay in Action to help, than to go back to her country. In this desire, the Solidarity Corps Program helped, which gave the volunteer the opportunity to stay in Greece and continue to volunteer in the care of wild animals. So Ellie will continue to volunteer in the Wildlife Action in the coming months, through the European Voluntary Service of Solidarity Corps.

The Green Fund approved the project proposal entitled "Treatment and reintegration of Cinderellas (Apus sp.), Creation of a network of Cinderella-friendly buildings and information and awareness actions aimed at preserving their population". The proposal was submitted by the Action for Wildlife following the invitation "Innovative actions with citizens" of the Green Fund in the framework of the financial program "Natural environment & innovative actions" and inclusion of projects in the program "Natural environment & innovative actions 2020" and specifically in priority axis 3: Citizen participation: "Innovative actions with citizens"

Within the framework of the program that will be implemented by our association, whose budget amounts to € 49,999.24, the costs of treatment and reintegration of ashes that will be hosted in our facilities will be covered, a special training cage will be constructed and pre-reinforcement will be created for birds and for the first time in Greece a network of ash-friendly buildings for the protection of these species.

We thank the Green Fund for the trust it has shown in the Wildlife Action and for positively evaluating our proposal in this funding program.

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Calendar for the year 2021 with photos of animals cared by Action for Wildlife and volunteers' stories.


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