In Action for Wildlife voluntary work is one of the main principles for its function. Voluntary work is not measured in numbers, but it has clearly qualitive characteristics. A volunteer is not a mean to the success of our work, but a person willing to offer to the society and be a participant to our aims through his/her action. Whoever wants to participate as a volunteer can do so in various ways:


First aids and everyday care


No veterinary knowledge is needed, only will to help and respect to the animals
Every afternoon at our settlements at Sindos.


Collection of animals


If you have a car you can take animals from citizens who have found them and cannot bring them to us or from Macedonia Bus Station.


Various Tasks

Whatever you can offer due to your speciality:

  1. Production of printed or digital material
  2. Connection or meeting with organisations
  3. Organizing exhibitions/festivals
  4. Production of educational material for young ages and not only

Whatever crosses your mind or ideas you may have that could help, finds us open and wiiling to discuss.