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Nele who came already in three years ago, is arrived the 6th of June in DRASI AGRIAZOI. A beautiful girl, a crazy girl, a tchoup tchoup girl. With Quentin, we fall in love her. She came with all her stuffs : Flipy flux, Hacky sack, her smile, her good mood and her energy and her creativity at 100%. She had the idea to customize the wall of the volunteers' kitchen with their handprints or footprints. Ophélie did the logo of DRASI AGRIAZOI's paint and one nnight we did our prints. It was a very good moment. 




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YA !


With Quentin we will have a tatoo project for this travel in Greece and we enjoyed to make pone also for this beautiful adventure and experience in the association DRASI AGRIAZOI. We learnt a lot on ourself, our couple, our live and our desires, on the wild animals, on the nature but also to live with other people who have different visions of the life. All these thanks to this adventure.

We fall in love for the Buffos. We know also the greek symbol of the blue eyes who give chance and chase the evil eyes. 




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Kaliméra dear blog, 


I'm sorry I forget you during the month of June because the work became more hard and intense. There are a lot of babies and with the Summer, there are more people who bring animals. A the beginning of July, we did the new reccord of DRASI AGRIAZOI, we welcomed more of 40 new animals during one day. We passed also the number of 1000 animals since the beginning of the year 2021. 


With Quentin, we will work still 5 days and the Drasi's adventure will be finished. We will celebrate our departures and Quentin's Birthday the 20th of July. 




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We are one more in the drasi family since the last wednesday : Jessica. She is a new volunteer who stays in DRASI during one month. She comes from Paris and between two jobs in marketing, she comes to help us in DRASI. She is so nice ! 

After a big journey, the wednesday 5th of may, we welcomed her and we made a party for her arrival.

We played : Pyramide game and darts game. These games were built by Quentin and me during April. We would like to have volunteer's game for the spring and summer and add a live in the refuge. Héhé, it was me who won in Pyramide game, th first time against Quentin since that we built it.

We finished the party with handmade pizzaq, so delicious ! 


So, I say you : See you for the next month ! 







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