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9thof may. I arrived at Drasi just after my two-week vacation, beginning my EVS year. The first baby birds were already at the centre and some at the houses of volunteers. They were magpie’s and an adorable crow who was always hungry, asking for food. From there on it seemed Christmas every day, like opening presents we were constantly opening new boxes and finding baby birds. More crows came but also the first jackdaws with their typical loud screaming, you could always tell when they were hungry or when someone woke them up.

At the end of may the first baby stork arrived, which for me, was a very nice thing to learn and see something new. June seemed to be the month of the seagulls, the main room that was once filled with common buzzards was now full with young gulls. Also young kestrels kept coming. Some other baby raptors included long-eared owls, little owls, two young eagle-owls and several scops owls. During July it were mainly storks, a few are still around the centre. We also had plenty of martins and swallows, I still remember two nests of 11 baby house martins that were found in a dumpster. We immediately had 2 hours of extra work every day for the next week.

Some more special young animals included a pelican, squirrel, boar, fox and hoopoe’s.

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We are along the cross street intersecting the side road of the Thessaloniki-Athens highway, at the 9th km, just before the Mercedes car dealership. Following this cross street, you can find us 1km ahead, towards the sea, just after the ZAK shoe factory.

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