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Recently we received a blackcap at the centre. A quite distinctively male warbler with grey body feathers, brownish upper parts and a black head (females have a chestnut coloured head). These small birds feed mainly on insects during the breeding season. The extra protein is necessary for the egg-laying and rearing of nestlings. From July they switch to fruit, in particular berries, as the sugar helps them fatten-up for the migration.

The bird was found on the street, unable to fly. During the check-up it seemed that the wing and tail feathers were sticking together with something that seemed rather purple... Berry-jam perhaps ? I guess we will never know for sure. But it does seem very suspicious.

The feathers were washed and after a short stay he could be released.

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We are along the cross street intersecting the side road of the Thessaloniki-Athens highway, at the 9th km, just before the Mercedes car dealership. Following this cross street, you can find us 1km ahead, towards the sea, just after the ZAK shoe factory.

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