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83 birds were received over the first two months of this year. From which an impressive number of 17 buzzards. Further more 7 Yellow-legged gulls, 7 Black-headed gulls, 5 Sparrowhawks, 6 Hooded crows, Two tawny owls and three Pelicans.

Some more Rare birds:

-A Woodlark with a problem in the wing, unable to fly. After a bit of rest and some time in a large box, he was released.

-Two nathusius's pipistrelle (bats) found inside a house. Bats will often choose houses as a place to hibernate. Both were released.

-A Moorhen came in because of the winter cold, after some weeks he was released.

-A starling and a shelduck were also received.

-A Black kite was received in a very bad condition. The bird had been electrocuted with the result of a big hole in the membrane of the wing. Because of the electrocution, the skin became necrotic in the next few days of care and the bird eventually had to be euthanised. An interesting fact is that these birds normally migrate to Africa during the winter.

A lot more birds were also released. This included three Buzzards, two Pelicans, an Eagle owl, a Sparrowhawk, Black-headed gull, Jackdaw, and yes our number one of the year the Tawny owl was also released.