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Pelican eating

[EN] I had to come in Greece to be finally able to meet a pelican face to face. In the center, we got two of them on the last 2 months (not at the same time, thanksfully!).

The first one I met was really impressive! He was quite agressive, and you couldn't got closer than 1,5 meters without him trying to attack you with his beak.... And that's quite an awesome range! Gladly, a lot of Drasi greek volunteer already had handle those in the past, so I was releaved that I did not had to catch it myself.

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Not just at the centre you can see interesting birds but also all around Drasi. Located at the edge of the Axios delta nature reserve and close to the lagoons of Kalochori. There are lots of places to spot animals. With just one step outside there are buzzards flying over, kestrels hunting in the front yard and flamingo's in the backyard. At autumn, migrating birds gather in the area. Hundreds of Bee-eaters and barn swallows can be seen. Close by, at the watchtower, there are glossy ibises, herons and birds of prey. Once in a while the local fox might cross your path. Countless flamingo's can be seen foraging upon the bigger lakes, and at the sea you have lots of pelicans, cormorants, grebes and sandpipers.

A true paradise for those who make the effort to look.

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32 animals arrived at Drasi Agriazoi in November. This included some collard doves, buzzards, an eagle owl, three sparrow hawks and two little owls. Between them several water birds we don't receive often. The water rail, a cormorant and a black-necked grebe. The cormorant was found with a fishing hook in the foot. The bird tried to get loose but made a larger wound while pulling. After several weeks a Drasi he was released. Also the water rail is released and hopefully the little owls might be released soon.

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[EN] This weekend we have been to an eco festival, near the airport. It was nice to see so many people connected one way or the other to the environment and trying their best to protect it, with their own possibilities. Of course Drasi had to be there as well, since we are seeing everyday the soul directly impacted by our careless for that mater.

It was a small festival, but there were some speech. One of them was from Ηλίας Στραχίνης, a snake/reptile specialist, who explained all the dangers those species are suffering from. His main objective was to teach people what snake was dangerous, so they can let live all the others. Even if that lecture was almost 2 hours long, almost everyone stayed till the end of it, I was impressed! Sadly my Greek was not yet good enough to understand his talk, but at least some people really did.

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[EN] Hello everybody!

I am Sophie, a new volunteer here part of the European Volunteer Services program. I came from Belgium less than two months ago to join the crew here! I'm so happy I did it. Working for / with animals is, since several months, something I could not do without anymore, and here I directly see the impact of the work I do.

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We are along the cross street intersecting the side road of the Thessaloniki-Athens highway, at the 9th km, just before the Mercedes car dealership. Following this cross street, you can find us 1km ahead, towards the sea, just after the ZAK shoe factory.

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