We arrived on 7th February and we have done a lot of buildings and layout. 

For us, it's important that the place of DRASI association show the life and a welcoming place. The persons who let an animals in DRASI, find already that the welcom is very well. So, with Quentin (and Clara), we find that it will be fine that the entrance of association is the same that your welcome. Moreover, we love building and creating with Quentin, it's a pleasure for us. 

Thanks a lot Clara to explain us how make a hood table. 

We made a terrace, a shoes cabinet in the entrance of the house and Quentin made a tablet for the table to put dishes or candles...


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We are a little sad today because Clara left this morning. Her name is written on the table, we will think about her when we see this table and when we will take lunch or dinner on. 

Thanks Clara for all things that you learn us with Quentin and for all moments that we passed together even is we were just 2 weeks together. 

You can see a photo of the last party to celebrate her departure and the last sunset that she saw in Greece. 


KISS CLARA, and we will can to see in France ! ♥


Agathe et Quentin 


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Like we understood in others articles, we tested the Tuesday 16th of February and we are negatives ! So, we began the next day with Sophia, the vet. We are so happy to begin, to learn and to discover this wild world. We thank you very much DRASI. We are so curious and you are available with us. Thanks a lot ! 

We learnt to work with animals which are outside but also inside : the turtle room. We had the chance to look a necropsy done by Sophia, to look the cares on animals and we saw also that there are good and sad moments, it's a life and the principal it's to stay motivated to help animals in need. 

Thanks to Giorgos and Sophia for their accompaniment but also all volunteers who come here. 

When we go to sleep, we have the smile and I think it's the most important. 




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I write this article because during our first week end we have passed three day under the snow in Greece. It's rare. Moreover, the second day of work we have interviewed by a weather presenter in Greek TV. Ahahaha we will become famous if we stay in Greece. 

The first day of work, it was sunny and we washed windows outdoor and doors. The next day, we had to cover the swift's cage edges with soil with Froso. During this work, there are first flakes, so magic.

The snow didn't stop during all week end. we have replaced the volunteers who had to feed animals which are outside and we have lodged the puppies in our house. 

Like we are a tall child, with Quentin, we made a beautiful snow man ahaha ! 

The snow stopped in the night of Sunday and monday we could to free the puppies outside. Now, they know that if they come in association they are welcomed well. So, all mornings, they come in DRASI association. So cute ! ♥





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In DRASI, we discovered the Greek food and we fell in love to this food ! So delicious!

During our fifth day of quarantine, we began to work outside. We will test for COVID-19 next Tuesday. We washed all windows outdoor and the entrance doors. Fortunately, the sun is our friend. During lunch, we have tasted an oriental cake that Greek people eat sometimes : BAKLAVAS : Very nice ! 

We also tasted the Greek dessert during a saturday before the begining animal works : Galaktoboureko. Delicious with a fruit juice.

You can see on photos that we ate also PITA. We enjoyed greek food before the COVID test, ahaha. 

After the 16th of February, we were free, we were negatives! Also, we made a dinner together. At the first diner, we cooked hamburger with Greek wines (white wine, Prima and ALEA bottles) and the Beptina beer. It's more american food but at first we began with TZATZIKI toasts, MAMAMYA! 


I hope that I made you hunger!

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Ημερολόγιο 2021

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Ημερολόγιο 2021 με φωτογραφίες από ζώα και εμπειρίες από τους εθελοντές της Δράσης.


Πού θα μας βρείτε...

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/N1SRq7wK2zz

Βρισκόμαστε στον κάθετο δρόμο στον παράδρομο της Εθνικής οδού Θεσσαλονίκης-Αθηνών (9ο χλμ) στο ύψος της Mercedes ΙΩΑΝΝΙΔΗΣ. Στον κάθετο αυτόν δρόμο είμαστε 1 χλμ προς τη θάλασσα πίσω από το εργοστάσιο παπουτσιών ''ΖΑΚ''.

Ακολουθήστε αναλυτικές οδηγίες για το πώς θα μας βρείτε...


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