International Volunteer Day and George and Lyse, who participate in our project through the European Solidarity Corps program, take care of the animals we host in the Action.

Of course the video shows a small part of the daily work, since in our facilities we host hundreds of animals!

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The wild animals have a special significance in my life because since I was a baby, I could say that I lived around them in my family chalet located in the mountains. However, I have never gotten too close to them not just because I was afraid but also because I believe that human contact with wild animals should be very limited, otherwise animals’ way of life can be disturbed sometimes with tragic consequences. Even if we do not get so close to wild animals, unfortunately, human activity is affecting them very much, therefore I consider that we should feel responsible to protect them and repair the damage that we, humans, made. DRASI AGRIAZOI is an NGO which is fulfilling this mission on a daily basis and I am very thankful that even just for a short period of time I was part of the volunteers’ team, contributing to the rehabilitation of wild animals.

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When I was a child, my mother was often reading me a story about a baby bird who was wounded by a hunter because it did not listen to the advice of its mother. This story made me cry every time as in the end of the story the mother has to take the painful decision of abandoning the baby bird who would have not survived to a long trip and migrate with the other babies to save them from the harsh winter.  The baby bird remains alone and when the snow covers the fields he dies. I always believed that the fate of the baby bird was not fair and every time my mother was close to the end of the story, I kept my eyes closed hoping that this time the story would have another end and a man with a good heart would come to save the baby bird.

I believe that DRASI AGRIAZOI is the one that changes the end of so many stories which otherwise would become tragic. DRASI AGRIAZOI is the hope of the weak, wounded and unlucky baby animals, helping them to return in the wild strong and ready to bring their contribution to the normal cycle of the beautiful nature.

I was thankful to have the unique experience of releasing a strong baby swift back into the wild. I was feeling like I was rewriting the end of the sad story from my childhood. Hope that the baby swift will travel far away over the seas and countries as the baby bird from the story wished: “Mom, I will be fine, won't I? We will travel together over seas and countries, won't we?”

Roman Alina-Maria


Today, European Bird Festival and we celebrated it in Kalochori with the release of two birds of prey together with the Axios Delta National Park. This is a Kalamokirkos and a Gerakina that we treated in the previous months in our facilities. But we could not find a better day together with the Region of Central Macedonia and Echedorou Fysis for the launch of the participatory financing campaign within the BlueCrowdfunding project.

With the money raised from this campaign we want: a) to build a cage for medium-sized mammals (jackal, fox), b) to improve the operation of artificial lakes in waterfowl cages by installing an elevated tank, c) to proceed with the purchase and installation of appropriate equipment for the cleaning of oiled birds, d) to purchase cameras that will be placed in reintegration cages and artificial nests of mammals or birds so that school students can monitor their behavior and habits.

We thank the Region of Central Macedonia for choosing to support our organization. In fact, with us today at the beginning of the campaign was the vice-governor Costas Gioutikas with the authorized regional innovation councilor Nikos Tzolla.

You know that Action for Wildlife has no other resources and the participation of all of us in this effort is essential. The platform of the program is:

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31 organizations unite their voice for the protection of the natural environment.
On the occasion of the World Environment Day, on June 5, 2021, thirty one (31) organizations with recognized work in the protection of the natural environment in Greece, co-signed a joint text. It is the first time that such a large number of organizations set a common framework for the old and new threats against wildlife in our country.

Following is the common press release and an album with photos from the activities of the organizations ...

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2022 Calendar

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Calendar 2022, a collection of wonderful photos that capture moments and animals of care.

We thank the students of IEK Delta 360 who photographed the animals and the graphic designer Theodoros Pitouras who edited the publication.

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We are along the cross street intersecting the side road of the Thessaloniki-Athens highway, at the 9th km, just before the Mercedes car dealership. Following this cross street, you can find us 1km ahead, towards the sea, just after the ZAK shoe factory.

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I use tote bags by Action for Wildlife…

We take single-use plastic bags out of our lives and use reusable tote bags by Action for Wildlife, supporting the environment in more ways than one!



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