Finally, after three years, we will perform the Swallows event again on Sunday, April 3, 2022 at the facilities of Action for Wildlife.

The purpose of the "Swallows" is to make children aware of the coming of the swallows, their long and difficult journey and to help them by making clay swallows' nests. The action is implemented in collaboration with the Hellenic Ornithological Society.

In order to avoid overcrowding, the event will be held with a limited number of visitors, so please fill in the application form that you will find below ...

It is also important not to forget to bring a hard cardboard box (eg shoe box) to put the swallow nest we will build!

We expect you gladly!

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Our fellow health workers are forced and proceed today, Monday 21/3/2022, to a mass hunger strike as a last resort through protest for the state of misery in which they have occurred after more than 6 months of suspension of work. This image does not honor our country at all and does not befit a society of the 21st century. The attitude of the state violates the right to a dignified life of every citizen.

As an organization, we disagree with any kind of discrimination between citizens and we support our fellow citizens who are fighting against compulsion.

International Volunteer Day and George and Lyse, who participate in our project through the European Solidarity Corps program, take care of the animals we host in the Action.

Of course the video shows a small part of the daily work, since in our facilities we host hundreds of animals!

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ΙΒΑΝ: GR55 0172 2110 0052 1104 9919 564

2022 Calendar

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Calendar 2022, a collection of wonderful photos that capture moments and animals of care.

We thank the students of IEK Delta 360 who photographed the animals and the graphic designer Theodoros Pitouras who edited the publication.

How to reach us...

Google map:

We are along the cross street intersecting the side road of the Thessaloniki-Athens highway, at the 9th km, just before the Mercedes car dealership. Following this cross street, you can find us 1km ahead, towards the sea, just after the ZAK shoe factory.

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I use tote bags by Action for Wildlife…

We take single-use plastic bags out of our lives and use reusable tote bags by Action for Wildlife, supporting the environment in more ways than one!



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